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Originally Posted by Streaker View Post
We need to find a way to teach forethought to road users to improve road safty....

It's one of the first things that my father tried to teach me, in teaching me how to drive.

I knew the mechanics of it, so instead, he just focused on the concepts, and this was one that he really tried to drive (no pun intended!) home in my little pea of a brain - and sadly, was not something that had really gotten across until after I got into my first fender-bender, as a new-driver teenager.

It really doesn't matter how safely *you* are driving - a mistake by the other guy can still bite you, causing you property damage or even bodily harm.

Try to envision what the others on the road will do at any given moment, and always plan for a way out.

That, along with "boy, shut your mouth!" - particularly in the context of when I'm looking "up" at something - have been among my father's true gifts to me.

.... not fine them two weeks later for minor transgressions! However which one makes the state money, and therefore I ask which one is concentrated on"?"

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