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Exclamation Forum Email Delivery/New Account Registration Issues

As some of you may have realized, STH has from time to time has experienced a glitch with its Email subsystem which has resulted in lack of mail delivery and not allowing the completion of new account registrations (our admins recently discovered several hundred pending account activations!!!). Please accept our apologies for the delay in processing these new account requests.

We believe we have identified and have now corrected the problem and mail should now be flowing properly.

It is important to be aware when you register to become a member that you also check you mail provider's SPAM inbox in the event your system false positives on mail from We have seen this occur with regularity with Yahoo and Hotmail services (among a couple of others).

If you feel you are not receiving mail from the threads that you are watching or not getting registration/activation confirmations, then kindly please contact us and we will attempt to address your specific issue.

Thanks for your patience and welcome!


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