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Default From the race track to the road!

We have a saying in racing and it goes: The faster you go the more time you got.

I know it sounds contradictory, but we found as we progressed from the 2min plus gang (2min 20sec)to the sub 2min (1min 50)gang (lap times at a local track)we had more time to think about the lap, other riders and drivers ect. Things like looking through a corner and not at it made sense.

I personally feel (through experiance) that when watching people drive, even though they are a hundred feet in front of me I can still respond to an arising incident before them simply because of thinking ahead and even just looking ahead when they are not. Something that has saved me from speedtraps more times then all my jammers put together. Once asked by girlfriend why I even have a jammer because I brake before it screams many times.

Somehow the words preventitive maintenance (aircraft term) comes to mind. Identify what could become a problem before it is a situation thereby eliminating it before it begins.

Strangly enough, the more you think of the posibillities in the future, the less seem to catch you by suprise and therefore I believe install a safer driver in oneself. Ask any racing driver what he is thinking of at that precise moment and his answers will be: Inexperianced: this corner till maybe the next, ask an indy or F1 driver and it will be: what corner what lap?

We need to find a way to teach forethought to road users to improve road safty, not fine them two weeks later for minor transgressions! However which one makes the state money, and therefore I ask which one is concentrated on"?"
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