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Default Drivers ed can be a fraud

I have been working in aviation since 1989, but my intrests in motorsport goes back to 1979. I started racing go carts and later club events, but when the money wasn't there I started working on racing cars. This aviliation with cars eventually got me a driver instrutor job with an advanced drivers school.

We gave courses in anti skid, anti hijack, vip protection and 4x4 to name only a few. Personal experiance taught us that our pupils on completeing the course thought they were now top level Michael Schumacher or Stig drivers() when in fact because of this they were actually worst drivers.

Strangly enough, woman drivers learn a lot more then men drivers on a course because they listen to their instructors. Mens testostorine just dictates otherwise!

Personal opinion, the way your dad drives when you are six years old sitting in the back seat will teach you more about everyday driving then any school!!!

A simple case in point, I was about eight years old and I asked my dad how he could see where he was going when on coming traffics lights were on, because I couldn't. He said look towards the edge of the road (left in South Africa) slightly ahead and not at the oncoming traffic, a trick I still use and teach today.
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