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Default Government that works!

Camera Fraud Article: Government that works!

bigfistArizona lawmakers should take careful notice of the example of the great state of Montana.  The Montana state legislature has looked at the facts and done the right thing.  They have taken back their state and banned the cameras. 

Arizona used to be a state where its government held to the belief that it should do what’s best for its citizens.   What we seem to have devolved to is to do what’s best for the state coffers, and greedy immoral corporations praying on the taxpayers claiming to enhance our safety, all the while doing exactly the opposite in pursuit of profit. 

What makes the Montana example so glaring is that in clear defiance of similar Texas law, the will of the people of Texas and their representatives, local governments sought to circumvent the spirit of the Texas law banning the cameras and attempted to do what they wanted anyway.   Apparently such an arrogant attitude is not uncommon as the same thing happened in Montana.

“We saw a couple municipalities rush to get contracts signed before the effective date of the bill — which I found offensive,” Montana state Senator John Brueggeman (R-Polson) said.

This attitude is all too common at all levels of government these days, and the arrogance of it is a slap in the face of all Arizonans, of all Americans, and it must stop!  It’s “We the People…” NOT “We the politicians…”  When are these people going to get that “THEY WORK FOR US”, not the other way around?  I know that I am personally sickened and angered by the dismissive attitude of my representative government and I know this…   I am not alone. 

This next election is going to be telling, and those politicians that have habitually ignored the will of the people will be out of a job, political parties be damned!  This is not a (D) vs. (R) issue, or a conservative vs. liberal issue… this is us against them!  Until they change it on us, we are in charge here, and we need to make that clear with our votes this time.  We have a precious few good elected officials… and you know who you are.  We appreciate you, and we know who you are too.  Note to all public servants (and I use the term lightly) that make it a habit to ignore the will of the people of Arizona.  We are watching you, and its time to do what’s right, or suffer the consequences. 

I hereby call for the Governor and the State Legislature to do the right thing and do it now. 

End automated ticketing in the state of Arizona.

Do your job! before we have to do it for you.

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