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Thanks, guys!

It irks me that there are those individuals around - and what's more, that they are continually allowed to *continue* to represent Blinder.

As you said on another post, Veil Guy:

Originally Posted by Speed Trap Hunter View Post
To draw an analogy from business ethics--as it relates to sales and marketing (on the Internet and elsewhere)--by any given company whose sole intent is on maximizing its sales revenues, profits, and a return to its shareholders above all else will often send shills to do their dirty work as they remain insulated from the ensuing (or collateral) damage that results (to other competitors or any entity that is perceived as a threat).

Allen, I think you can I could both agree that we've seen this already play out and continue play out on other online forums and communities such as (which is the reason I chose to create this forum, something you already know).

When agenda-driven shills (ie; hired guns) are sent to do their marketing (often destructive) on the behalf of whom they represent, chaos often ensues and little if any productive knowledge is much harder to find or ferret-out. Which is often their goal, as the most calculating and unethically-run companies [which] have a long-term plan (ie; 'TC's sales & marketing' grand strategy) and enough resources to sell through it.

In other words, they prefer more "heat" (ie; controversy) than light (ie; illumination) and in that [with] chaos truth is often the first casualty.
I think the individual concerned fits, "to a 'T,'" your definition of being a shill.

I'm glad to see that not only did the Forum administration here clamp-down on this, but also that mhardy is here, to represent Blinder's true interests, in an honorable manner.

BTW, mhardy, I had one of my local NASIOC guys ask about the Blinder only a few days before yesterday, when I first read about the Mx7 units. Not only have I asked that particular NASIOCer to hold-off on his pending purchase (for which I'd recommend that he go to you, of-course ), but also advised him, per your advice on as well as here, of the fact that there are currently unscrupulous individuals out there who are mis-representing Blinder, and that, as of yet, they do not have stock of said item.

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