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Default Blinder M27 & Blinder M47 X-TREME Laser Jammers

Here is some footage of the new Blinder M27 and M47's...It has Upgradable capabilities, so no more having to buy a whole new jammer, when the technology changes. This is the best Blinder Xtreme series yet. These jammers have not yet come out, but when they do i'm definitely doing a upgrade.. Awesome performance...
This above announcement (originally posted here a couple of days ago by another member and also several online retailers), unfortunately appears not to have been sanctioned officially by Blinder.

Despite some loose cannoning/missteps by some who claim to act on behalf of Blinder's interests (apparently acting on their own), I have attempted to ascertain the facts directly from the manufacturer surrounding the new Blinder M27 and Blinder M47 models which may become available in several weeks.

Additional information about the Blinder M47 and M27 can be found, here:

Blinder M47 & Blinder M27 X-TREME: New Extreme Laser Jammers

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