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Originally Posted by Speed Trap Hunter View Post
It is my understanding that one should leave about 1 car length for every 10mph. I have had knuckleheads get so close at high-speed (and I am not talking about a little friendly drafting) I am talking recklessly close that I have decided that it's best in the long-run to slow-down, get in the right lane, or in sometimes exit to allow them time to run-alone away (from you).

That's my rule-of-thumb as well - to maintain distance (my understanding is also that it should be 1 car length for every 10 MPH, and that, furthermore, it is so only under "optimal/clear" conditions) that's not just a courtesy to the driver in front, but to make sure that both of us are safe, too. I've run into packs which got too aggressive, and I have removed myself from such. I've also participated in packs - again spontaneous meetings of common minds - which are so organized that when a newcomer joins and becomes too aggressive, the pack simply "rejects" said individual. Indeed, following too-closely is a big danger to all.

In the end, it comes back to the "one minute lost, one hour gained" rule - it's often best to just disengage.

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