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Default Don't be the Rabbit: Not Giving a Free Ride to Others

Agreed, I especially enjoy the special-bond that occurs with two-wheelers.

Many years ago I was traveling into Québec City, Québec with my wife (who I was dating at the time) and had such an experience with a cyclist.

It remains one of the most memorial and fun experiences of my life-time.

Yes, you are right, it is nice to run with guys that have the character to share/spread the risk, as it were.

It's cheesewizzes like the above that are the danger, if you let yourself fall into the(ir) trap. They often tailgate (to push) far too close for the speeds.

It is my understanding that one should leave about 1 car length for every 10mph. I have had knuckleheads get so close at high-speed (and I am not talking about a little friendly drafting) I am talking recklessly close that I have decided that it's best in the long-run to slow-down, get in the right lane, or in sometimes exit to allow them time to run-alone away (from you).

I've been driving with radar detectors far a very very long-time, and I have gotten that wisdom as I have aged and matured (from the mistakes that I have made along the way).

PS: I've got literally a ton of unpublished video over a lot of years of Speed Trap Hunting, that I hope as I bring them online, will further help our collective small community of driving enthusiasts in positive ways.

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