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One of my big pet-peeves as well.

If you want to be in a wolf-pack or have a wingman, you've gotta be willing to take turns.

As long as the other driver demonstrates that he/she can be safe of their speed, alert-level/situational-awareness, following distance, signaling intent, etc., I'm more than willing to travel with them, and take my turn on-point (or trailing-six, if in a wolf-pack).

But they've gotta be willing to do it, too.

In all my years of really road-tripping, there's probably been less than a dozen times (exclusive of "club cruises" and the like, when you're among like-minded enthusiasts/hobbyists), where that kind of natural bond cemented between two or more "strangers."

I still remember those unique cases fondly, and if I close my eyes, I can actually remember each car, each driver, as we eventually peeled-off on our separate ways or due to separate needs, with a wave, a nod, or another indication of our mutual respect and trust.

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