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Thanks for your kind words, Mike.

I put a lot of time into evaluating this most significant product for Beltronics (and Escort).

I have clarified my position on the signal ramp issue to which you referred as you may have missed the small reference [to it] towards the end of the review. I have since attempted to expand upon and better articulate this point.

With respect to any updates in firmware or hardware, when my wife and I visited Escort, one their installation engineers performed the appropriate updates (of both models) and performed an examination of installation of both units.

I had specifically withheld rendering a formal opinion, as manifested in my review, until such time the Beltronics (and Escort) had sufficient time to make any tweaks, etc. to these new remote platforms.

I felt, and still do, that these products are significant enough and deserved the respect of a proper "airing" on my part.

I think of it as fine red wine: it's best to leave the cork out for a bit before drinking it to really get the most accurate assessment of [its ultimate] quality.

With respect to your time-line, I visited Escort in mid February.

I have not been apprised [by them] if there have been further changes/updates to the STI-r (or 9500ci), since that time.

I suspect if they felt something was significant enough to merit my attention, they would have directly made it known to me (by now).

If you missed our visit, I have embedded their video for your convenience.

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