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Default Range of detectors for newbie

I have a question about radar detectors. If this is the wrong place to ask I apologize and ask who else would be good to ask it of.

It takes 1-1/2 hours one way for me to get to work every day. It's damn hard to resist the temptation not to speed. Sooner or later I'm going to get caught (already have actually but the guy let me go with a ticket for not wearing a seat belt. Nice cop). The roads I drive on are north/south or east/west with like a 1/8th mile dirt road connecting the opposite directions. You can't stop or u-turn in those drives of course. These dirt roads are covered on both sides by thick foresty trees. The cop just sits in the drive pointing directly at the road with loads of thick trees on either side of him. How much do the trees block his radar until I'm on top of it? I need to know he's in the crossroad ahead of me soon enough to slow down. If the detector doesn't beep until I pass the crossroad he's already got me. The radar detector didn't help in the least. Are there radar detectors that will do this? If they can't they're worthless to me. Any help appreciated.

Andy Grey
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