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I'll take a stab at this, but I honestly don't know all of the ins-and-outs of our legal processes. With this caveat:

The FCC has regulatory authority over all radio transmissions (RADAR is considered a radio-wave). As such even attempting to interfere with licensed transmissions is contrary to their guidelines/rules. That's what certain "jammer" manufacturers are finding themselves currently being squeezed by their "enforcement" arm. Radar Roy has been documenting the progress of the FCC on this front.

Laser jammers are not regulated by the FCC and hence the FCC has no legal jurisdiction over them. Laser jammers operate with light (technically radio waves are light, but in a lower part of the light spectrum) and as such are regulated by the FDA (for eye safety). I believe certain laser jammers which may not/do not conform to those standards will ultimately get the attention of the FDA and may very be subject to their enforcement.

To be frank the real concern I have is the fact that the U.S market is currently being "flooded" with a host a laser jammers that are being sold that 1) may/are be patent infringing and 2) not U.S. FDA approved (even if they contain such a sticker).

If this plays out how I think it will, this has the potential to jeopardize the entire countermeasure market (by bringing the wrong kind of attention to it) and the companies out there selling legitimate product may be at risk, as well.

I hope that day doesn't actually come, and so, we will do our part to discuss only the legitimate products that are own our shores; those made by Beltronics, Blinder, and Escort.

Other than that, individual state may produce specific laws outlawing their use (several already have) but their jurisdiction only goes as far as any given state.

Hope this answer was sufficient, GB.

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