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Default Trinity GPS Database User Improvement Initiative

Several years ago, a new paradigm began to emerge with the marriage of advanced GPS and radar detector technologies.

GPS-detectors--tracking the continually changing placements of red light camera and speed cameras (as companies attempt to maximize their revenues from such systems)--by class-leading companies such as Cheetah UK, have evolved to be especially effective at mitigating these new threats as they themselves have been subject to the technology for nearly a decade in their country.

As such systems become common-place in our own country, radar detector manufacturers have integrated/combined the advanced capabilities of GPS detection with their advanced radar detectors including: Escort Passport 9500ix, Beltronics Pro GX-65, Escort Passport 9500ci.

Additionally dedicated GPS detectors from Cheetah include the original GPS Mirror, C100, and will soon follow with an even more compelling offering in the near future.

These systems share Cheetah's class-leading GPS database. As the camera locations frequently change, each of these companies provide frequent updates that users of these products should avail themselves of to ensure the most accurate and up to date database version.

To help further encourage the rapidity of Cheetah's Trinity Database, this video serves to document a procedure that you can use to do your part in helping with this effort.

Your postings will be viewed by Cheetah, verified, and subsequently incorporated into their database.

Please join this initiative to help make the Trinity database the definitive database to use as your resource by posting your video experiences in the real-world in this forum. Be sure to include in your video postings images of suspected cameras or video systems as they are often mis-identified. In this manner, Cheetah can may be able to verify the accuracy of your submission, which should help expedite the update process.

Cheetah also provides a resource to directly make written submissions, as well.

Thank you,

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