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Default Lidar/Laser-based Lane Departure Systems set off Laser Detectors,Laser Jammers

An increasing number of lidar-based lane departure or cruise control systems are now appearing on the highway.

Be aware of this, because if you are not prepared for it you may over-react to what otherwise appears like an instant-on close-range police laser encounter.

By acclimating yourself to these kinds of falses, you should better prepared to safely react when you do encounter such systems.

The LSID-enabled Whistles already have pre-filtered out many of these sources.

The two high-end remotes, as yet, appear to have the necessary filtering to prevent lidar/laser falses from these sources.

Being prepared for these sources of lidar/laser falses will serve you to be able to better be prepared for them in and when the time comes that you either pass or be passed by a vehicle equipped with such a system.

By being adequately prepared, it is my hope that you will be able to react in a more careful and less abrupt manner than otherwise, because it is very startling when it happens.

Don't over-react and potentially cause "challenges" to any potential surrounding drivers.

If you drive with a sensitive radar/laser detector or laser jammers, especially ones that are mounted externally, until such time the manufacturers filter these systems pulse-trains out of the alerting routines, you'd best be prepared for what can happen.

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