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Default Lasered with no Veil or Other Countermeasures Used

These videos demonstrate how quickly a laser speed reading normally takes when you drive with no protection.

Even with the most sensitive dash mount laser detector, the Valentine One, without additional protection will not provide advanced warning to the vast majority of police laser encounters and thus sufficient time for you to slow down from such.

With the addition of Veil on the key reflective portions of your automobile, namely the headlights, fog-lights, and front plate (cover), those alert times can extend enough to actually enable an attentive driver to safely slow down while being targeted, without as much risk of being subject to a speeding ticket.

Laser jammers can also be used and are sometimes more effective depending on your particular vehicle's shape and color, however, be aware that such active countermeasures are increasingly coming under the scrutiny by traffic enforcement (as users of such countermeasures repeatedly attempt to jam-to-gun JTG officers) and are subject to being prohibited. Check with your local state or regions rules concerning the "legality" of active countermeasures. A number of police lasers have the ability to detect an active jam attempt (unlike Veil which is NOT a jammer) and some even more advanced systems (while not yet IACP) approved are being specifically designed to defeat active jamming, a development that should not affect Veil's performance, since Veil is a stealth countermeasure, not an active (destructive interfering) one.

In places where it's permitted, using both technologies, stealth and active, will provide the best defense. (This is something our fine military has known for a very-long time).

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