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Default How to Properly use your Radar Detector to Enhance/Encourage Safe Driving

It's good to know where the troopers prefer to set-up their speed traps. Learn the tell-tale signs from the driver's seat the most likely sources. In time, by practicing this exercise, it will become second nature to you.

Then your radar detector will be serving its proper role, as an enhancement to your situational awareness, not as its replacement.

Notice this is the same spot the PA State Troopers like to hide as you approach Breezewood, PA at mm 162.9.

If you ever travel this PA Turnpike, be aware this is a favorite sport traveling West-bound towards Pittsburgh, PA.

Also as you develop your situational awareness, its important for you to look far down the road at the vehicles you are following, looking for the tell-tale signs of an approaching speedtrap (even if your radar detector is silent). Sudden brake lights are likely an indicator that something ahead is likely causing them to suddenly brake.

Also look at approaching vehicles, if they flash their headlights that may be another sign that a threat looms ahead of you.

If you are paying close attention then you may learn of the presence of the speed trap before your detectors do.

In this case there was not trooper positioned there, but as evidenced in another video shot here, at another time, he was.

So the moral of the story is develop your situational awareness skills and learn to spot the potential by putting yourself in their shoes (from the comfort of your driver's seat).

By being prepared, you'll be more likely to not create a "safety hazard" by feeling the urgent need to abruptly brake by allowing yourself more time to adjust any potential speeds gradually and safer.

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