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Default Don't be the Rabbit: Not Giving a Free Ride to Others

Sooner or later, if you drive with a radar detector, you will encounter this experience.

Having driven safely with radar detectors for nearly 30 years. I have had many experiences similar to this, especially in the days when the Valentine One was the king of the dash-mounts.

As I have matured over this time, I now choose not to let any one who doesn't have the courage themselves to drive out front with or without a radar detector and I slow down and get into the right lane, letting them pass me, if they feel compelled to do so.

I reverse the situation and put them out front, to school them on what it feels like to be the rabbit (which most don't like being). Sooner or later they finally get the message and back off, letting you to safely continue on your journey.

I hope this video demonstrates how to behave responsibly if and when such an event happens to you.

Resist the impulse to be "pushed" and slow down until such time they give up and let you go on your way.

Sometimes, I decide to exit and stop to refresh myself or get fuel just to put some distance between us.

Drive responsibly with your radar detector and set a example for others to observe (and hopefully learn) good safe driving behaviors.

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