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Originally Posted by steagall1000 View Post
Dark Shark,

I'm not saying they are all bad. But alot of them just don't take the time with their students that they should. Its kinda like the public schools versus private schools. Have ever noticed that Private schools out score public schools in ACT and SAT testing. Drivers ED is the same way. It all comes down to the type of instructor you have. You will not change my mind on this, so please don't try. I think its good that we all give our opinions regardless of who's right and who's wrong. Yes there are alot of great drivers ED teachers out there in the school systems. However there are some pretty bad ones out there also. Hopefully My child will get a good one in his school.


We don't have to change each other's mind, I just don't like generalized comments. I'm glad that you will at least admit that not all BTW instructors are bad. No matter what issue we discuss we can all always find those who think positively about it and those who feel the opposite. As I also said, you can find someone who does a half-ass job in just about every profession on this planet. In this case, you guys were slamming my profession and I'm far from being a half-ass teacher. I consider myself to be a good driver and I'm sure that you consider yourself to be a good driver, so that means that we learned from someone who did a decent job, right?
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