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You guys are both wrong. I'm sorry to hear that your experiences with Driver's Ed. weren't very positive, but I can assure you that not all Drv.Ed programs are corrupt. I teach classroom and behind-the-wheel Driver's Ed. (BTW). I have dealt with quite a few bad driver's and I can assure that the reason for their poor performance is not the fault of the instructors in our school. We require the students to gain 50 hrs. of driving experience once they receive their permit and before they begin BTW. Without fail every summer, half the kids show up to BTW having barely been behind the wheel of a car thinking that they can just coast through the course. Some of them are such poor driver's that they can't even manuever around an empty parking lot. Unfortunately, I and my colleagues have to fail these students because it would be nothing short or irresponsibility to allow them to obtain a license and very possibly compromise public safety. We try to explain to the students and their parents that their failure is a matter of safety and that more driving experience will give them the preparation that they need. Of course they usually want to place the blame everywhere other than where it belongs, and they expect the instructor to make extra time for them to drive instead of doing it themselves. It is impossible to spend an absorbent amount of time with one student because of the vast number of students who need to take Driver's Ed. during the summer. This is no different than teaching in the classroom. A teacher will teach their students and offer assistance within reason, but it is the students responsibility to complete their homework and study for tests. The teacher cannot hold up the entire class for just one student. The student may need to get a tutor or come to the realization that they simply can't handle the work load of the class.

Yes, there are those who cut corners in all professions, but placing all of the onus on one school/instructor is a cheap cop-out. It's much easier to throw stones than to look in the mirror and assume responsibility for one's self.
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