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That's why gentlemen I suggest we collectively consider what we're trying to accomplish in all of this.

I for one, love our nation and respect the rule-sets that have been established. While I may personally disagree with particular manifestations of the rule-sets, I respect them none-the-less.

The vision that I had intended for this site was to bring together a whole host of different perspectives, those of citizens, those of traffic enforcement, those of those of policy makers/formers to allow a genuine discussion on the subject of highway safety and attempting to achieve a healthy balance between (often) competing or seemingly conflicting ideals.

To that end, I while I appreciate everyone's contribution here to this point, that we share a mutual understanding that, yes at its core, it is a hobby.

We're not anarchists or those who believe in promoting socially irresponsible behavior. I respect the law enforcement community, they have a job to do that does serve our collective safety interests.

To the extent that videos are posted online from any of our members, I would simply request that you do it responsibility.

The freedoms/rights we have in our cherished nation do come with an obligation to active civilly obedient.

For example we have the right to free-speech, as manifested on forums and other online communities. But with that sacred right, we also have a responsibility (and obligation) to use that right in a civilly responsible way.

The right to free speech, doesn't extend to one who would yell "fire a movie theatre" if there were none.

Let's celebrate and responsibly enjoy our hobby, not contribute to creating a perception that we all lawless punks.

The battle of ideas are often "won" from the "middle" and not from the "extreme."

Please guys, lets find/define and then faithfully establish our "middle."

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