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Default Whistler Pro-78SE & Whistler XTR-690SE/XTR-695SE Videos

Whistler Pro-78SE & Whistler XTR-690SE/XTR-695SE Performance Videos

I first commented on Whistler's fine handling of rapidly changing signal strengths when I first reviewed the Whistler Pro 78 and Whistler XTR-690 models introduced several years ago.

Like the Whistler XTR-695 model that was introduced last year, the three new SE Whistlers, the Whistler Pro-78SE, Whistler XTR-695SE, and the Whistler XTR-690SE continue with in the Whistler tradition of providing higher quality alert signal-ramp than many other more-expensive radar detector models.

In my past reviews, I have stressed the value of proper management of dynamic range and quickness to provide more information to users of radar detectors than simply alerts.

Fortunately, we now have some new videos that can actually demonstrate this importance. In some respects, I consider this aspect of radar detector performance equal (if not higher) than sheer/raw sensitivity.

Below are two videos demonstrating these points. Although, STH used the Whistler XTR-690SE and Whistler Pro-78SE as a test cases, these results apply equally to all other SE models, including the Whistler XTR-695SE as they all share the identical hardware and software platform.

I hope you folks find these two particular annotated videos, educational.

The full review of the new Whistler SE models may be found at:
Whistler Pro-78SE, Whistler XTR-690SE/XTR-695SE Review

More real-world performance videos of the new Whistler SE models for 2009 can be found at:
Speed Trap Hunter's YouTube Channel
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