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Default Napolitano: “Blame Canada”

Camera Fraud Article: Napolitano: “Blame Canada”

"I'd like to phone a friend?"

Self-proclaimed road-safety expert and former Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano has made an incredulous comment suggesting that the 9/11 hijackers entered the United States from Canada, prompting a Canadian paper to ask: “Can someone please tell us how [the Secretary] got her job?”

Best known back home for her statewide automated ticketing boondoggle, she is now Secretary of Homeland Security. (There’s a phrase regarding the buoyant properties of certain materials and how they tend to “float” to the top, but we’ll leave that up to your imagination.)

An unidentified

An unidentified "Canada Blaming" on Southpark.

It’s unclear when Arizona’s ongoing budget crisis will be blamed on Canada too, as her financial projections regarding photo enforcement and photo radar have fallen far from the mark, raising less than $8 Mil. of a projected yearly $90 Million, due in part to people simply ignoring their “Notices of Violation.”

A major proponent of the statewide “enforcement” effort (and “Canada Blaming”), Napolitano was Governor from 2003 through early 2009 before resigning, ruling the State’s highways with an iron, money-scented fist (once even ordering photo vans to stretch from border-to-border).

In other news, the “other Jan,” Jan Brewer, has failed to act on the pressing issue of automated ticketing, proving that it takes bi-partisan effort to ignore the will of the people. Only 558 days until Election 2010, Jan…

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