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Originally Posted by Veil Guy View Post

To clarify, I did not say that one should get used to it, I merely stated that one inevitably does get used to it (as you yourself just indicated, that you can essentially predict when such things may happen).

This is really much like the situation one has when driving with a sensitive (and less heavily filtered) V1. After a short time, it's pretty easy to discern the difference between a genuine X and K source versus a door opener.
Ah! I see your point.

I just think that we as end-users of Escort's products - whose express mission is to quiet, as much as possible, false alerts, and thus lower the noise threshold - should ask for better, ask for more.

Given that the technology already exists (both the LI and the Whistler products are capable of such), hopefully, we won't have to wait long.

...And while I agree with your assessment of new driver enhancement technology (at least in theory) I have been concerned about its actual execution. For instance, using 24.1Ghz transponders for ACC/LD systems (for cost savings) creates the very dangers that these systems purport to mitigate (by creating interference to drivers of RDs) potentially creating the very hazards they're designed to eliminate. The same goes for LIDAR-based systems. Better to have the frequency of K bank sufficiently moved out of the way of RD reception tolerances or using 77 Ghz systems like Mercedes Distronic systems (but, they're more expensive to produce than cheap 24Ghz K-band transponders).

The other concern I have about these systems is that they have the potential to allow for further driver disconnectiveness from actually driving. Sure ABS/ADS systems have a place, but (I'm sure you'd agree) these systems shouldn't be a substitute for good driver skill/attentiveness () and could these systems facilitate the further decline/erosion of drivers abilities/attentiveness? Has the use of the calculator undermined many people's ability to actually do math in their heads? I suppose so...

A simplier approach may be just to eliminate/reduce multi-media enhanced iDrive-like systems (for key functions) and staying off the darn cell phone while driving.

Please forgive my straying a bit off topic, with my philosophical .
Please, rant-on!

And FWIW, I totally agree.

The first thing to do would be to move away from "mobile entertainment," and the second, to effect better driver education and continued learning.

At the same time, I think that the engineers of these devices also need to think, just as you said, about their actual real-world execution, more - for it is hard for me to imagine that someone, among the rank-and-file, would not have noticed the unintended side-effect of these systems.

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