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Originally Posted by Speed Trap Hunter View Post
Thanks to some gentle prodding from a good friend of mine, I am pleased to write, that after an extended respite from STH blogging, I will begin resuming with the format I created, a while back, detailing my triasl and tribulations on the highways and byways of this great nation.

I have had some unpublished material collecting dust over the course of this past year which I will attempt to bring on-line in the coming weeks as I get caught up in preparation for a new season of Speed Trap Hunting with the latest and greatest driver enhancement safety tools now available.

I hope you guys (and gals) enjoy the fun new (and untold) stories and experiences we're going to share (and get ready for some spectacular pictures)!

Picking up where we left off...

Speedtrap Hunting: Cheyenne to Jackson, Wyoming with a Whistler XTR-695 in Record Time

Good stuff Bob. I am looking forward to laser........ you know what I mean

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