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Veil Guy,

Excellent article on the V1.

I have had many V1ís and am very happy with their performances. I currently have two, one on the bike and the other in the car. For me, the arrows are paramount to achieving the SA I desire when driving. I tried the 9500i for 30-days because I was very interested in incorporation of GPS but in the end went back to the V1 mainly for the arrows. (Minor issues with the 9500i were the uneven ramp up)

I would like to see small changes to the V1 and have made my thoughts known to Mike so maybe we will see changes in future models.

My recommendations were to make the side arrows yellow in order to show better distinction between the front and rear arrows.
I also wanted color differentiation between band LEDs so at a glance I could easily identify the threat. Although there is sound differentiation, sometimes the volume is turned down low or in the case of my bike when going very fast, it is hard to hear the difference between the tones. With the current LEDs stacked on top of each other it is hard to quickly assess the situation with just a passing glance.

All minor issues but valid and easily changed.

I also liked your reference to the 911. I do miss my Cab. But as I say to my girlfriend itís not a matter of if I will get another one, but when.

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