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Although it is actually difficult to find truly independent and informed reviews (one was essentially suppressed) or open discussion concerning K40 products in general, beyond the reviews already mentioned above, Craig did perform a comprehensive/documented laser countermeasure review , conducted several years ago (don't go by the article date of 2008, it was actually conducted during July of 2005) on the then current laser jammer models (along with Veil G2).

If you are going with the 9500ci, I would recommend using the built-in "laser shifting" ability of it (coupled with Veil G4 for maximum effect). I personally wouldn't count on an older diffuser technology against the latest Gen III or Gen IV police lasers.

Here are some video runs that were made shortly after the release of Veil G4 and Shifter ZR4 (which is the same as the shifting capability of your new 9500ci):

These two types of laser countermeasures (one passive & one active), do very well together.

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PS: Randy, now that you stepped up to some serious protection, welcome to the club.
PPS: Once you get it installed, be sure to GPS mark the gator crossings on the Tamiami Trail

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