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Default K40 Late to Alert to Radar Sources

We're pleased to have you and thanks!

Of the experiences and knowledge that I have had with K40 radar detectors, the K40 RD850 provided adequate warning times in most cases to radar threats, even though it suffered from rudimentary controls and settings and had awful and nearly indistinguishable alert tones (it was based on an earlier generation Beltronics model)—as compared to the Beltronics Pro RX65/Passport 8500 X50 radar detectors which were the current models/platform at the time.

While I never managed a speeding ticket with my K40 SS3000 remote installed radar detector during the time it was installed in one of my personal vehicles, its performance was easily exceeded by a host of windshield-mount radar detectors, of the day, radar detectors costing considerably less--detectors like the Valentine V1, Beltronics Pro RX-65, Escort 8500 X50 as well as a host of Whistler models.

Given the [high] relative cost of newly installed K40 remotes and with the level of vehicles that are targeted (ie; Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, etc.) I expected much more in terms of sheer performance. I once got some insight into this [price vs. performance disparity] by a car dealer/installer: they informed me that their margins were nearly 100%! At those lofty levels, it doesn't surprise me that the dealers/installers you have dealt with have been less than "illuminating," shall we say, as their sales margins were so high. I ran into the same sort of "ignorance" myself.

It is my understanding that Beltronics no longer provides their earlier generation (ie; lower performing) electronics to K40 and that K40 may now be sourcing their current materials from a Korean electronics manufacturer (Attowave). Given the performance history of [some] of Attowave's models, I'd be cautious.

We were intending to create a discussion forum for K40 (as there are no legitimate open discussions online) to assist other owners with K40 related real-world experiences and even invited K40 to participate, but they declined and instead requested STH not to create a K40 forum.

With respect to your new Valentine 1, The levels of performance of that radar detector are stunning, however you may find its frequent alerting to stationery door openers while driving on Rt 41 or the many cross-streets surrounding Ft Myers becomes very tiring (not really the fault of the V1).

I suspect a Passport 9500ci would be a very fine addition to your vehicle as Florida has plenty of Ka, police laser, and a growing number of photo enforcement systems (like in Orlando). Your 9500ci will provide "obscene" levels of performance relative to your K40 on radar reception, can auto-learn and auto lock-out the many sources of X and K alerts you would otherwise experience around town; provide speed-sensitive sensitivity; provide decent laser detection/jamming (especially when paired with Veil G4); will alert to red light cameras; and result in an extremely high-quality integration into your automobile (provided you select a quality installer, of course) which may enhance the re-sell value of your vehicle.

My suggestion would be to reschedule once more and get the Escort Passport 9500ci. As an all-in-one integrated solution, nothing else (and I mean nothing else) compares!

Trust me, you won't be disappointed!

If your Lexus dealer can't/wont do it in a timely fashion, you could use the following installer/dealer locator to find one that will: Passport 9500ci, Passport SRX, Passport SR7 & Laser Shifter ZR4 - Dealer Locator

It's very important to select a competent installer, one not only familiar with high-end electronics installation, but one who is intimately familiar with the particular make and model of your automobile.

Here are some related videos including one produced by Escort during one of my visits.

Parts I-IV: Professional Installation of Escort Passport 9500ci

Speed Trap Hunter Visits Escort to Discuss His 9500ci Install

Veil Guy

PS: Be sure to post some PICs of your install and share your experiences afterwords, please. BTW, if you continue to encounter installation "delays" from your Escort installer, you may want to communicate with Escort, they participate on this forum as the user RadarExperts and I am sure they would help you overcome your installation "issues."

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