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Default Very informative

I think joining this forum was a very fortunate choice. I learned more from your reply than I've learned in a week discussing radar detectors with K 40 management, my Lexus dealership, and also the local K 40 and Escort retailer installers (Cartunes; Ft. Myers Fl..) The issue with my K 40 was simple: very late warnings (even with stationary school-zone type radars). Despite conversations with the K 40 factory, I had decided to replace the K 40 in my Lexus LS430 with the ci Escort version but the local installers postponed my appointment twice. I'd decided to cancel until I received your email -- it was reassuring to read that, in your opinion, the Escort is much better. I have an older model V1, which I've given to my son, but I ordered a new one today . . . but maybe I'll go ahead and have the Escort ci installed, and try to use the new V1 in concert. I had the Veil treatment overnighted, so I will apply it on Monday, 3-13-09. This is important to me because I often use unusually effective products in my books. Thanks. Randy W
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