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Default K40 and Other Radar Detector Interference Potential


Welcome to our friendly forum!

I suppose that depends on the nature of your particular circumstance.

I would tend to be more concerned about the K40 model potentially interfering with your Valentine 1 or your Escort than the other way around, however, since your K40 model is externally mounted, less so.

Something to consider when running more the one radar detector concurrently beyond the potential of cross-talk, which is easy to spot on one detector (or both) [with] potentially frequent alerting to (Ka or K) radar is a more ominous result of interference, silence.

It is possible for one or both radar detectors to become less sensitive or responsive to a bonafide external radar source at certain times.

Over the years, I have occasionally performed comparisons with more the radar detector, but only after I had become very familiar with the alerting behavior of each and mutual compatibility over long periods of time.

In so far as laser detection/sensitivity, you should be fine in any instance.

In general, I would say go ahead, but be cautious and aware of the above issues before putting your entire trust into such a configuration.

If repair is not an option, you may want to consider another remote from either Beltronics (in the form of the Beltronics STi-R) or the Escort Passport 9500ci (which also provides GPS photo enforcement protection and laser jamming).

These options are certainly more expensive than a standard windshield radar detector, however they are in-line (if not less expensive) with the likes of any K40 remote installed detector (K40 Calibre) and will certainly provide far higher levels of performance (K40 Calibre Review) and unlike the inaccurate and often repeated marketing claim of an "undetectable" K40, the Beltronics STi-R (like the Beltronics STi Driver) and the Passport 9500ci, are truly undetectable by Spectre RDDs. Of course, like any discreetly mounted radar detector, it may be hard visually see, but that is not the same as being undetectable. Only Beltronics and Escort can legitimately make that claim.

For such a nice vehicle, that may be something to consider. My understanding from a number of K40 installers is that K40's BlueTooth models aren't easier or simpler to install than conventional "wired" ones and have created interference with certain factory in-car electronics. BMW released a technical service bulletin detailing interference issues, recommending removal of the K40 Calibre/disabling of the conflicting K40 Calibre transmitters.

BTW, what issue(s) are you experiencing with your K40 model? (If, of course, your radar antenna is "dead" [as mine was] and is no longer receiving or xmitting [sweeping] an LO the concern about potential cross-interference is probably a moot point).

PS: For what it's worth, I too once owned an older K40 (K40 SS3000) externally mounted radar/laser detector on my vehicle until it failed as well (I replaced it with a 9500ci and STi-R), but for a brief time I ran a Valentine 1, and the V1 appeared unphased.

Hope this information is helpful to you...

Veil Guy

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