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Do you know what the timings were before and after; if timing was a second too short...What do you think of the timing here? At least it appears consistent between each intersection. Whether or not it is sufficient is another issue, though. And agressive driving still appears with regular frequency on the Boulevard, IMO.

The paper, the PDN indicated they did not have the resources to conduct such a follow-on story. I have since contacted an editor at the Philadelphia Inquirer. Perhaps they can conduct a more detailed follow-up story.

A reader of my blog, who lives in Queens, has indicated that he his observing the same kind of dynamic being created at such systems where he lives. I understand that NYC has a ton of these devices.

If Philadelphia is the test-case for the rest of the state of Pennsylvania, then the time is now to get involved and try to make a positive difference.

In Arizona and Colorado, have the citizens of those states/municipalities voiced objections? Or has this stuff been implemented "under the radar" of public scrutiny?

Do you know any details behind the attempted [and later abandoned] RLC implementation in San Diego, California? Did a city/township in Virginia recently go through a similar experience? Does RLC implementation usually segue into speed on green enforcement?

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