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Default DHS Assumes Control of CameraFRAUD

Camera Fraud Article: DHS Assumes Control of CameraFRAUD


CameraFRAUD visitors were greeted by Homeland Security on Wednesday, April 1

In a breathtaking move, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security temporarily took control of various websites early Wednesday morning to advert an “unspecified, imminent threat to the nation.”

Entire websites, including, were unavailable for hours until inner-party government officials manually approved their content. A temporary “internet free speech zone” permit was granted late this afternoon to allow our return to the web.

Types of sites involved included those relating to liberty, protests, privacy activism, the so-called  “Constitution,” and Real California Cheese. Mmmm, cheese.

Total Information Awareness: A blanket of automated ticketing machines (ATMs)

Total Information Awareness: A blanket of automated ticketing machines (ATMs)

Also happening today: 350 additional cameras are being introduced in the valley under new federal stimulus funding to coincide with the immediate lowering of the threshold used to trigger the automated ticketing machines:

“”It’s no secret that we are facing a difficult time balancing the budget and must find new streams of revenue,” said governor spokesperson Craig Jensen. “The existing enforcement cameras have not met the projections we received and so the governor had to take the necessary action.”

In other April 1 news: Google’s Gmail introduces “Autopilot,” an automated and intelligent response system for those too busy to answer their emails.

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