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Default New guy sayin hi. (2009 STi)

Hey all, I'm new here. I'm a 29 y/o career US soldier and just traded in the pickup for the dream car. I only dreamt of it before since when I was 25 or so insurance for it was damn near 4000/yr. Now have a clean record and insurance is at 90 a month, and I'd like to keep it that way hehe, or better.

Just moved to some great driving country, eastern Oregon, lotsa canyons and mountain passes. I'm not sure what they are using up here but I'm pretty sure it's just straight radar since I've never seen law enforcement aiming anything, just chilling in their hidey holes. I don't drive at insane speeds that would get me put in jail, but when I was here years ago I got a ticket for 59 in a 55. Ridiculous I say. SOOOOO for my first car mod I'd like to get 360 degree protection preferably something discreet or entirely invisible as well. Lots of great posts and lots to choose from! Love the site already! Ok time to start shopping
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