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Originally Posted by TSi+WRX View Post
Overall, I'd favor pairing one of the top-flight (or second-tier) in-vehicle stand-alone RADAR/LASER detectors (so that you can take it and use it in another vehicle, such as a vacation rental or service loaner), with a top-flight active LASER jammer, plus point-protection on any specific weakness (i.e. VEIL G4 on lighting elements, as well as LaserShield or other such plate dressing [just search "plate dressing" using the Forum search function, and you'll find plenty of discussion on this subject]).

Don't skimp on the jammer - you'll want something good, either the Blinder Mx5 (where x = 2, 3, or 4, denoting the number of heads) J16 revision or, alternatively, the Laser Interceptor.

With the detector, any of the top-flights will do - performance wise, unless you're a speed-detection countermeasures hobbyist, you're honestly looking at splitting hairs....instead, the choice between a Valentine Research V1, Escort 9500i or ix, or the Beltronics GX/RX series or their STi-Driver should honestly depend on your own user end-preferences and desires.

"Second-tier" detectors such as the Escort 8500 X50 or the Bel Vectors - or the upper-end offerings from Whistler - will also be just fine, even for spirited drivers, and can be a good cost-for-performance consideration.

If budget is a concern, going with a "second tier" detector will save you a not-insignificant amount of up-front costs, but should not significantly decrease your overall "protective envelope." Given the capability of these second-tier detectors, they can also well serve as a backup and/or alternate-vehicle-use detector, when and if you do decide to upgrade, at a later date.

Also, remember, while currently the Bel/Escort units (GX65 and 9500i/ix, respectively) offer integrated GPS-warning capability to fixed monitored enforcement threats, you can still couple the V1 or the Bel STi-Driver with the SpeedCheetah GPS-Mirror or their stand-alone C100 unit, and using the Detector Interface, obtain much the same benefits (lifetime Trinity database access/updates, in the case of the Cheetah products) of the Bel/Escort detectors.


In terms of the 9500ci/Bel STi-R, unless you are certain you only want to equip one vehicle, this will be a consideration. Similarly, their high cost may or may not be completely justified by their performance (depending on who you ask, particularly when it comes to LIDAR protection, as these systems utilize the Escort ZR4 Laser Shifter as their active LIDAR jamming component) - keeping in mind that much of the cost does go towards the absolute-integrated install of these very specialized devices.


Congrats also on the new car.

My wife's lease on her '05 WRX sedan is coming to an end. We're going to look at a replacement tomorrow - sighting in on the '09 Impreza 2.5GT (yes, the automatic, my wife can't drive stick and refuses to learn, and yes, this means that her current WRX is also a 4EAT) 5-door, the Legacy 2.5GT or 3.0R sedans, or the Forester 2.5XT....

Sigh - I wish we were looking at a '09 WRX.

BTW, check out NASIOC - the North American Subaru Owners Club. It's a virtual treasure-chest of information and knowledge. Just be forewarned that the environment there is somewhat toxic ( it's not nicknamed "NastyCock" in the Subaru enthusiast circles for no reason :lol: ). BE SURE that you do your homework before posting there, with exhaustive searches, or else be prepared to reap a whirlwind of flames!

For an "easier" and friendlier introduction to the world of Subarus, look up your LOCAL (not "regional NASIOC chapter," as even that can be rather nasty) Subaru enthusiast owners clubs. Having real-world face-time can make all the difference. Similarly, the Subaru enthusiast network is extensive, and you can often get servicing for your car (or just helping hands, if you're already mechanically inclined) for very cheap, with your fellow local enthusiasts.

I went over all of the products you were telling about and have a few questions:
1. After checking all of the GPS-BASED-PROTECTORS I've found that its of no use to me. NONE of them has databases of Israel so I can not use it.
2. As LTI2020 and Ka band is the msot important thing for me, I have to focus on them.
3. I was planning to alocate something like 1000USD to the full system. After I've seen the fully-intergrated-systems I started thinking that maybe its a good idea. Specificaly the STI-R or the RX75. The 9500ci looks good but once again - I dont need GPS. What is the differance between the STI-r and the RX75PLUS? Can you tell me more about pro/cons of these integrated systems?
4. The setup I'm starting to look on (if not the integrated) is Valentine1 + M45. What do you think?

Based on your nick I see you also drive TSi? Which car (Golf, Passat?)? What type of TSi (120 or 160 bhp? ). How do you like it?
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