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Default Rear Protection


I agree if doing a center setup properly with two heads buys you some time before the officer can get you, then I think its worth having something in the back versus nothing. The back of a car is so hard to protect with any jammer.

The Pro Laser III at far distances is capable of getting punch-throughs on my car at the 800 foot plus mark. If I switch to the Ultralyte I can't even get my car after 250 feet down the center. The beam divergence I guess plays a big part.

Technically if you have two blinder heads spread out 12 inches apart on the rear, its suppose to jam better the further out you go. What I have found is the back of cars have so much to cover, that the heads cannot always reach every inch on the back. I tested the Truspeed against my rears. If you go down the center it will jam up to 1000 feet. The minute you move the Truspeed over to my tail lights, its instant punch-through. The Blinders can't even see the beam because its so tight and such a low powered gun.

I believe that putting 4 heads on the rear of a car with any jammer whether its Diode or LED, should give you JFG performance. This is only if the setup is spaced out perfectly so that every inch of the rear is accounted for.

All we can do is hope company's like Blinder, and escort, etc come out with a head that is so powerful and can truely defend the rear spacing on the back of cars/trucks. Maybe a skinny Magnet with 25 built-in LED's can be put accross the back of the car to cover all surface areas. LOL!! The technology is there to do such things.
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