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Originally Posted by steagall1000 View Post
Yes the Escort head, is in the middle with two blinder heads on each side. Even as close as they are, the escort heads do not effect the Blinder heads and Vice versa.
I'm glad that this was looked-into.

The prospect of cross-talk has always concerned me, particularly with the models which are above-average receivers, compounded with their unique head designs.

We tested the Blinder but it was in its 30 second test mode, which means it was not ready to jam until after 30 seconds. The customer didn't have alot of time and was on a tight schedule. We did not get to test the Blinder rears On camera, However we got one test run with just the blinder heads on, and got one punch-through at 535 feet. After that it was JTG on the tail lights and center.
I think the rear performance is very indicative of what we can expect, on-road, with these jammers.

In that the most crucial moments will be DIRECTLY after the vehicle passes the enforcer, I think that a "plate centric" setup can buy at least some time to react, but that at both mid-distance (approx. 450 to 650 ft.) as well as at longer distances (approx. 1000 to 1300 ft.) exists "critical points" where some setups/systems will suffer potential PTs.

With the rear of the vehicle being so hard to protect, I think all that can be asked for is that, while seeking "true-JFG," more priority be paid to the setup being able to jam "anywhere" rear attempts for at least the first 500 ft. or so (thus allowing the driver/vehicle to correct-to-reasonable/PSL), in reasoning that the driver should have made visual identification of the enforcer/enforcement threat as late as even "being on top of it," but having taken corrective measures instantly thereafter.

I will try to have this customer come back out so we can test your theory of night shooting with both on.
I hope you guys won't see any crosstalk issues, but it's definitely one to look out for, given the fact that both systems emit light in a non-traditional manner, and also in that both are such excellent receivers.

If crosstalk does present to be an issue, I would then recommend that this particular end-user simply switch their ZR4 to "Receive Only" mode, as the overall performance of the Blinder J16 revision much exceeds that of the ZR4.

Be sure that the vehicle owner realizes that this testing may take some time to complete - in at least two of the reports of such crosstalk, the effect was not observed in a consistent basis (i.e. the "combo system" sometimes showed JTG behavior, but sometimes, PTs were elicited at short, medium, or long distances, without any pattern or predictability), so repeated runs will be necessary.

I wish you could come out to atlanta to test with us. It would be good to have another hobbyist who enjoys what we do.
I think it would be fun, too!

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