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Originally Posted by steagall1000 View Post
This is a customer that wanted to test his Blinder M25 and Escort ZR4's out. We tested this customers car with the Pro Laser III. Both the Blinder M25 and Escort Performed very well. We were able to cut each one of the jammers off to test the other. The escort ZR4 has good front protection, However the rearZR4 head is not enough coverage for the back of this car.

Time-point 0:29 through 0:32 - Cameraman/narrator indicated that the ZR4 rear head in the middle, above the plate, was flanked by two Blinder heads. Was the rear Blinder setup tested? If so, results?


Please have the customer re-test his setup:

(1) At night, frontal aspect, with both Blinders and ZR4s on.

(2) At night, rear aspect, with both Blinders and ZR4s on.

Try to get as many different LIDARs as possible.....

My fear is that with both the ZR4 as well as the Blinder heads being unconventional in design (with IR-transparent portions not limited to just their frontal "lens"), that cross-talk from light-scatter (emitted light from the jamming pulses) may be a concern, particularly in darker surroundings.

The wide separation of the forward heads may mitigate or even outright eliminate this effect, but it is not a possibility that should be disregarded, given the catastrophic but unfortunately totally unpredictably unpredictable nature of such crosstalk events.

The rear setup would be a great concern to me, if I were the vehicle owner, as the proximity of the heads, along with the way such scatter can be so easily reflected by the nearby body-panels (proven now in more than a handful of installations, where multiple jammers are active, simultaneously).

The problem is unfortunately only exacerbated by the fact that both the ZR4 as well as the J16 variant of the Blinder are such excellent receivers, as demonstrated by their abilities to counteract the TruSpeed.

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