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Ah a fellow Buckeye.

I think you'll be fine, no matter what you decide to do to your front plate.

Here in Ohio, the State Troopers seem to be fairly relaxed on front plate enforcement, and your only worries would be with local townships' and their unique - but both highly variable as well as limited - enforcement attitudes.

If you're willing to try it, I think you could do the smoked-cover plus VEIL setup, and still be just fine, in all but the worst "anti-Import-Sport-Compact" areas.

And even if you do get popped for it, it's still just an equipment violation, and oftentimes, remediation by showing the Clerk of the Court or other selected municipal official that you've addressed the concern will get even such a violation dismissed.

If that doesn't do the trick - i.e. that you do get pulled-over/cited for the offense - I'd then try the clear cover plus VEIL setup, which should appear lighter. While a gray tone would definitely compliment your vehicle best, I think that a slight bluish hint at the tag (which already carries blue, with the standard Ohio Tri-Color), would not be too detrimental (but then again, I am biased towards blues ).

Indeed, LaserShield is not a solid cover - even dressed with a "plate frame" edging, it still doesn't appear as "complete" as a typical plate cover.

BTW, if you are inclined, the CR8APL8 fiberglass replica plate for the standard Ohio Tri-Color is a decently close replica of the state issue. It's still not perfect, and yes, you'll still need a plate frame to fully disguise it (as it is not cut to-size quite properly), but trust me, you won't get any hassles for it, and it is a worthy consideration to address this point-weakness.

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