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Default One nice radar gun

Instant On has been a threat that has existed for many years. But it just got a lot easier with the new Stalker II by Stalker. It's a hand held unit.

All this right here in a hand held unit. It's about the size of a Bushnell.

Moving mode NA Standard
Automatic Same Lane mode (no slower key) NA Standard
VSS operation NA Standard
VSS Moving/Stationary modes auto switching NA Standard
Removable rechargeable Battery Handle Standard Standard
Waterproof down to 2 ft of water depth Standard Standard
Rugged but lightweight Die-Cast metal body Standard Standard
Stopwatch mode Standard Standard
Directional sensing Standard Standard
Strongest and Faster display in all target modes Standard Standard
Faster Target Lock in all target modes Standard Standard
Software upgradeable Standard Standard
Video interface connector Standard Standard
Battery Handle Charger Standard Standard
Cordless Remote Control Optional Standard
Dash Mount operation Optional Standard
Motorcycle operation Optional Optional
Motorcycle Holster Optional Optional
Wired Remote Control Optional Optional

So, watch out because next time it might not be laser you get hit with!

YouTube - Stalker Radar

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