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I think the current J16 and older J15's do just fine against the Truspeed. My car JTG's the Truspeed with no problems. Category4's F-150 does great against it. I think Blinder should do a different design on the M25/M45's. There really was never a issue with the Truspeed in the first place. I think if they add a "mute button" to the New Blinder M25 and give you a option of LED and Diode, that would be killer. I know in the past Diodes are not as reliable as the LED heads, but if Blinder would design one with just a Full diode thats reliable as the LED is, then I would say, That would be worth the Upgrade.

Originally Posted by mhardy2288 View Post
No difference in name..It is still J16 version head at this time..All they did was add a dedicated algorythem for the Truspeed...Will only change the name when there is a major change..This is a slight modification at this time.

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