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Back when I lived in the Cleveland area, I think this was sometime in the 90's, someone took the city of Lindale to court over a speeding ticket and won. They argued that the city could not just issue speeding tikets for the sake of collecting revenue for the city. I believe they were able to demonstrate that a substantial portion of that city's revenue was derived from speeding tickets. The city did not have a highway entrance or exit within the city and the tickets were not issued for the sake of highway safety. The court ruled that Lindale could no longer put policeman on I-71 to issue tickets. I see on your forum that the city is back at it. Can anyone tell me if this ruling was overturned or do people just not know about this ruling? I would really like to know anything about that court case since I would like to use the same logic to fight frivolous parking tickets in San Francisco.
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