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Default DPS Reports New Act of Camera Vandalism!

Camera Fraud Article: DPS Reports New Act of Camera Vandalism!

DPS’ James Warriner reports that there is a new bandit in town. Not a Silly String Bandit, not a PostIt-Note Bandit, but a Snow Bandit!


“Those bandits are smarter than we thought,” said Warriner. “Now they’re manipulating the weather to make ice form in front of the camera lenses!”

Cmdr Woodward was heard saying “I looked back over several hours of recorded video, but I guess the reception wasn’t too good because all I got was a bunch of snow.”

Note: For all of those who can’t tell, this is satire.

UPDATE: 3:47 PM: Redflex invited to license the above image from for use in their 2009 Christmas Card, titled: “Season’s Cheatings: The Year of Pilfering!”

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