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Default CameraFRAUD Events: Feb 14 & 20

Camera Fraud Article: CameraFRAUD Events: Feb 14 & 20

meetupSaturday, February 14th - Pavilions Car Show

It’s going to be Valentine’s Day, and you know what that means: Time to show that there’s STILL NO LOVE for the automated ticketing machines! The world’s largest weekly car show meets every Saturday at the Scottsdale Pavilions. Join us to sign the ballot initiative (if you haven’t already), pick up free CameraFRAUD fliers, and more!

Details & RSVP here

Friday, February 20th - Massive Sign Wave / Signature Collection Event

CameraFRAUD will be holding its largest East Valley event yet. Tell your friends! Post it on Myspace! Twitter it up! West Side Members: This will be worth the drive, come on out. Bring a sign or use ours… it’s time to send another strong message that Automated Ticketing Machines are unwelcome in Chandler and in the State of Arizona.

Details & RSVP here

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