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Thank you for that information. I think its good to know what your up against when it comes to laser. As for your install it sounds like you have it perfectly mounted. The Stalker LZ is a very difficult gun to jam. Results from GOL's test showed the Blinder doing very well against the Stalker LZ. With the combination of Veil G4 and the Blinder you should be just fine. I hope you enjoy your new Blinder Xtreme Laser jammer. If your ever in the Georgia area, feel free to contact me and I would be glad to test your install free of charge. Since you are a forum member here on Take care!


Scott Steagall

Originally Posted by RADARB8 View Post
Hello Scott, replying to your question. I found out that the locals like Balto. County use the STALKER. I have just finished the install today
due to the freezing weather. I guess it's working cause when i point the remote at each head the buzzer alarm goes on. There was a lot of sunlight and glare and i couldn't see the heads lighting up. tonight i would think it will be easy to see. Anyway, I have the Blinder-25 on my Benz SLK. all leveled, and i am using for now, the [laser cover] over my tag without the VEIL. I can't wait to test it out which probably won't be till this coming week. I hope to make 2 passes. When i get the info. I'll get back to you and post the results. Take care, best regards: Greg

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