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Exactly right, on all counts, to those above.

I am also among those few who have always insisted that no jammer is 100%, and I am glad that, finally, more and more people are coming to this realization.

Proper leveling/aiming of the heads, as well as routine function-checking and cleaning (particularly while on road-trips or if one lives in a less-accommodating environment) is a must, and this was illustrated very, very well, just over a year ago, by the CFL guys, during both their initial as well as their second "test" dates. And, of-course, there's concessions to be made in mounting of the heads, and this has been demonstrated many times over - the compromises between aesthetic form, spacial availability, and outright performance/coverage - steagall showed us how even a 5-head (corrected/edited to read proper) Blinder configuration could be exploited by its weakness, and the TX group with Fritter, as well as the CT/NE group (first, chronologically) were among those who showed that just having an LI on your vehicle doesn't necessarily mean that you'll be invincible/invulnerable, and that any weaknesses can and will be exploited.

It's not a matter of what jammer is chosen - it's a matter of simple fact that *ANY* jammer's performance can be drastically affected by these factors.

The "Officer Fritter meet" videos were also among the first to demonstrate that for as much as we may try, the enforcer can still bias things (the hardware used, how he/she chooses to use the hardware, as well as the physical setup of the encounter) enough that *any* jammer can be made to have a hard time (to say the least).

These factors are all why being able/willing to carry passive countermeasures can and will work to the driver's favor - not only is there synergy to be had, with the active countermeasure(s) used, but there is an undeniable benefit, too, to simply making the vehicle's weak-points better-defended/covered.

I originally wanted to come back to this thread and post after I've reviewed the videos in-detail, as well as have seen the ongoing in-depth discussions at, but unfortunately, due to starting up a new project at work, I've just had no time.

In-lieu of that, I think, though, that the above generalities do apply to each and every case, each and every vehicle - to each and every one of us - and should definitely not be overlooked.

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