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Default Laser Jammer Test Results - Atlanta


Appreciate the work and the results.

I have to agree with Scott on this one, despite the "hype" surrounding certain laser diode type laser jammers, your results do, indeed, demonstrate than no one laser jammer is "perfect" and that punch-throughs can and will occur at varied times.

I too would have liked to see the results when each of these cars had a Veil G4 treatment in both the front and the back.

Like Scott, suggested, I suspect the improvements across the board would have been remarkable and repeatable.

Adding a laser shield or a plate cover that was Veil treated would certainly not hurt either in either the front or the rear targeting scenarios.

Perhaps the day will come when some enthusiasts will actually perform such a extended test.

Again thank you and I appreciate your collective hard work.

Nice job!

Veil Guy

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