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Default Interesting results


Looks like the Laser Interceptor got some serious punch-throughs on your Vette at over 1000 feet, with the Ultralyte LR 125 pulse. I have told many people that the Ultralytes are the toughest guns to Jam due to the beam divergence and Low power compared to the stalker LZ and Laser Atlanta's. Looks like you guys had alot of fun.
Looks like everyone had enough time to slow down before getting creamed. As for testing I would have picked a flatter road with less curves and dips. My suggestion for your LI on your Vette is add some veil to the head lights and maybe a black car cover for the front. It seems the red color cars is the closest color to the laser light spectrum, so I'm thinking the red and white cars have more punch-through issue's than the Black or darker colors.
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