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Question veil

Originally Posted by Veil Guy View Post

I'd recommend that you stay with Ontrack's products, who as a manufacturer, happens to participate on this forum, they are committed to making products which mitigate to one degree or another some of the threats we all face and appear to openly discuss their products appropriate uses and limitations.

Veil Guy
So what's best for the front. A clear curved hardshell cover coated with Veil? or the use of a flat laser shield? I bought both. and i applied the Veil to the clear hardshell cover,and put it in a black plastic frame. The Veil to me seems a litter clearer than the laser cover...! But not by much. I am still trying to check with the MVA of Md. about covering any license plate, even the laser cover is ,from what i've been told by the locals, is against the law. Then how do u explain these bras people use that have the plastic cover to show the license plate?? Later GREG
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