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Default "Laser Jammer Testing for Georgia"

Well for anyone interested, We are back in the business of testing customers Laser Jammers in the Metro Atlanta Area again. We do testing for anyone who has purchased a New Laser jammer of any type or brand or has a old one on their car and would like it tested. We have two Package Deals:

Package #1
Testing with a Ultralyte LTI 20-20 Laser gun. We do "3 driver side head light shots", "3 passenger side head light shots", "3 Center Mass shots and rear shots". This Package is $75.00.

Package #2
We test your car or truck/Bike just like package #1 and include video taping of your car and its performance. All Shots will be through the HUD of the Laser gun, and the video will be edited and put in DVD format. This way the customer gets to see if they have any weak spots with their current Install.
This Package is $100.00.

If anyone is interested in having there Laser Jammer tested and you live in the Atlanta/metro area, You make contact us at


Scott Steagall
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