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This industry is actually made up of a very small group...and yes, when individuals' livelihoods are at stake with people you know from these long-established legitimate companies, then the view on such matters is obviously somewhat different.

If one thing is clear (at least to me), it is that a lot of the bad Kharma that has existed on other online forums seems to always surround these different ('patent-infringing') companies and the "undergound marketing" by those representing one or more of those companies. In fact, I believe yet another "mini-drama" (in a long-string of mini-dramas) has been slowly unfolding (elsewhere) as I type this.

If and when such time would come when a unit would be successfully patented in this country (as has been suggested on more than one occasion by certain individuals) then hell yes I would give them consideration as viable alternatives to the other legitimately-established models currently being offered by either Blinder or Beltronics/Escort/Cincinnati Microwave especially if long-term reliability issues have been, in fact, addressed.

In fact, I am sure there a plenty of countries where such "issues" are not even applicable. And in those circumstances I wish the best for all those concerned interests. Veil doesn't discriminate, it works equally well with LED-based AND laser-diode types!

I will continue to keep an opened mind about it, while I certainly understand from where you are coming, as well.

Getting back to our friend, here. He may find that he has achieved adequate protection with the approaches we have discussed above.

I suppose time will ultimately tell...

Veil Guy

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